Season 1 Episode List
Season 1

Episode 1: Exit 23
Brief Synopsis:
Characters Introduced: Dr. Matt K., Robert W., Agent Jon A., Nick S., Timothy V., Jacob Dumont (Les Treize Corbins), Agent Jonas Riley (Hoffman Institute)
Locations: Exit 23 Gas Station
Supernatural Terms: Winter Demon

Episode 2: Exit 23 (Pt. 2)
Brief Synopsis:
Locations: Exit 23 Gas Station
Characters Introduced: N/A
Supernatural Terms: Mage

Episode 3: The Hoffman Institute
Brief Synopsis:
Characters Introduced: Agent Brigit Kincaid , Agent Marc Denton , Nadia , Dominic Dragan (The Wedding Party)
Locations: Hoffman Institute (KC Branch), KC FBI HQ
Supernatural Terms: Hobbs, Psychics

Episode 4: The Hoffman Institute (Pt. 2)
Brief Synopsis:
Characters Introduced: Nakami Momoshiro , Bo’rah , the Guardian (???).
Locations: Hoffman Institute (KC Branch), The Springfield Room
Supernatural Terms: The Sword, Champions, Archons

Episode 5: City of Fountains
Brief Synopsis:
Characters Introduced: Agent Cassidy , Agent Wu , Midas (???), Sheila “Princess” Cunningham , Nick DeLuna , “Einstein” , “The Shooter” (???).
Locations: KC FBI HQ, Bank, Hotel
Supernatural Terms: N/A

Episode 6: City of Fountains (Pt. 2)
Brief Synopsis:
Characters Introduced: Radelle (The Wedding Party)
Locations: Nick’s House
Supernatural Terms: Magebane, Trolls, Fairies

Episode 7: City of Fountains (Pt. 3)
Brief Synopsis:
Characters Introduced: Catherine DeLuna, Baron Samedi (The Wedding Party)
Locations: DeLuna Family Manor, KC FBI HQ
Supernatural Terms: Nephilim-Blooded, Spirit Guardian, Kitsune, Kami, Prometheus Effect, Dark Matter, Juju Zombies

Episode 8: City of Fountains (Pt. 4)
Brief Synopsis:
Locations: Harrah’s North
Characters Introduced: Jon’s Team , Ruby, Madison.
Supernatural Terms: N/A

Episode 9: City of Fountains (Pt. 5)

Episode 10: On the Road
Brief Synopsis:
Characters Introduced: Faith.
Supernatural Terms: Ghosts, Cassandra’s Tears.

Episode 11: On the Road (Pt. 2)
Brief Synopsis:
Characters Introduced: Dr. Kaiser, Lacuna.
Supernatural Terms: Sesshi-ko (Killing Stone).

Episode 12: The Queen of the Mississippi
Brief Synopsis:
Locations: New Orleans (Canal Street, French Quarter), Stone Chapel.
Characters Introduced:
Supernatural Terms:

Episode 13: The Queen of the Mississippi (Pt. 2)
Brief Synopsis:
Locations: New Orleans (Garden District)
Characters Introduced: ??? (Oneiromancer), Alexsander (Captain of Krewe Bacchus), Bianca (Captain of Krewe Orpheus), Reginald (Alexsander’s Butler), Shay (Captain of Krewe Endymion).
Supernatural Terms: Mental Construct, Oneiromnacer.

Episde 14: ???

Episode x: Jon’s Adventure

Episode x: Matt’s Adventure

Episode x: Nick’s Adventure

Episode x: Tim’s Adventure

Episode x: Robert’s Adventure

Episode 20: Season One End (Placeholder)

Episode 21: Season One End (Placeholder) (Pt. 2)

Episode 22: Season One End (Placeholder) (Pt. 3)

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