Spirit Guardian


Saul (Item of Power) [-2]

  • It Is What It Is [+0]: Saul’s a bad ass dog. A Fists attack where he participates is considered a Weapon 2 attack.
  • One-Time Rebate [+2]: As a large dog, he’s pretty noticeable and hard to conceal.
  • Unknown Ability [-0]: ???
  • Bless this House [-1]: +2 to the Threshold of a dwelling.
  • Inhuman Recovery [-2]: The Catch – Unholy Weapons [+1]
  • Supernatural Sense [-1]: Can detect unnatural presences and supernatural influences.
  • Dog with Tricks [-1]: Once per Session, Saul can help Nick do each of the following:
    – Add ‘Saul’s Help‘ as a sticky aspect.
    – Alertness 4
    – Athletics 4
    – Fists 4 (Weapon 2)

According to Agent Riley, Saul is the Spirit Guardian of Nick S. Like the other Springfieldians, he was supposedly empowered when the tide of Dark Matter that claimed the city washed over the adjacent area.


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